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The Evolution of the Wood Studio

I started to build a small shed over a decade ago. I was going through some rough times in my life and wood and building things has always been soothing and calming to me. I didn't set out to build a man cave or a she shed. It was just a shed. My building was first started from materials that I have found or had gotten over the years.

Talk about a pain in the ass way to build something. But I did do it.

I never finished the shed. I had a plywood roof and three enclosed sides. It was mouse haven, teen party central, and eyesore all in one.

I couldn't finish it because of a lot of reasons so it just stood there. But then I took a class and started wood working again. My wood working shop was half of a four foot hallway in my basement. I had everything I needed to turn pens, lathe on a small rolling cart and a very small drill press.

And I was thankful to have it. I truly was. My own space.

And my shed continued to sit as my kids had left it after some bon file that they had or party of one kind or another.

I started using it for junk and other things that could be in the cold but not necessarily in the weather. Ladders, scaffolding. Things of that nature.

In that time, Mike was (and still is) making maple syrup. So I went over and learned how to make syrup

I started cleaning out that shed and had a place semi out of the elements to make syrup at. My first sugar shack

And that took place for a couple of years and Mike and I continued to turn pens and make more and more things in our little hallway.

One day I said "I am stupid. I might as well use the sugar shack and turn that into a wood studio." My reasoning was that maple syrup season is so short. Three weeks on average. I was doing wood working the rest of the year and starting to sell some items. I need a place to work Well I already had a partial shed. Why not finish it. So Mike and I did.

We expanded and added a carport type area. We have added all the amenities of home. Our studio has wi-fi and blue tooth/ Heat and air for the summer And this became our new wood studio

And we still are very grateful to have it

But what about the sugar shack.....

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