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HEROES- noun.

An ordinary person facing extraordinary circumstances and acting with courage, honor and self sacrifice.  Someone who steps up when others step down

Heroes come in all shapes, colors and creeds.  While we talk about the military for keeping us free there are many more men and women who work keep our cities safe through law and fire enforcement,  and medicals means.

Any time that you make the world a better place you are a hero.

Please ensure that you thank a hero today.

VETERAN-  noun. (veter-en)  

A person who saved you ass without asking questions.

Here at WoodworKINGS, we thank all of those who gave some, or gave all to the greatest nation on earth.   We give back to our hero community as much as we can.   That might mean helping a Veteran directly or fund raising and donations.   Please contact us or your local vet organization on how you can help.

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