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Dan and Mike will do custom creations.  We have done pieces that are primative to ultra modern.  We enjoy and new challenge and working with a customer, seeing a common vision for their needs and creating a one of a kind piece that will be used and cherished for generations.  Please consider us for everything from small benches to larger furniture pieces.

While making many objects we can add a very unique piece of your own history.  We have taken wood from a family home or farmstead and turned pens or other items that capture and honor the memory from where it came

We also solve problems too.  Check out the following

A customer came to us with her grandmothers cutting board (left), someone had left the cuttings board with a few leafy greens and it had stained and molded the board.  she wanted the stained removed but wanted the cut marks and patina to remain.  After putting our heads together we came up with a plan.  The picture on the right is her finished board.  The customer was very excited that we were able to save her grandmothers cutting board.  Chop marks and all.   

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