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Mike worked as a Finish Carpenter while attending and paying for college.  During that time also started and ran his own custom carpentry business for around 10 years.  This was the beginning of his love and passion for woodworking!  


His hobbies include woodworking with Dan, classic muscle cars, water skiing, fishing and hunting.  Mike Is married to Cat and is the proud father of six sons.


After Dan moved his log cabin built in 1854 and put it back up as his home, he hung his tools up to give them a well needed rest.   Only in the past decade has he dusted them off and started to create with them again.

Dan taught multiple classes in areas like making dovetails and use of epoxy.   He has also finished his studio so that he would have a shop.  He has specialized in woodworking, lathe work and currently the CNC machine.

Dan loves his odd hobbies like collecting pennies, going "...up north...", cooking and his three slobbering boxers. He is married to Sara and has four children.  

He still lives in the same log cabin

Dan and Mike.jpg

Mike and Dan

The two friends met when they lived across the street from each other.  Mikes house caught on fire when Mike was not home and Dan raced into the house and saved his pet rabbit (don't ask).  The rest is history

This is Dan carrying Mike.


Dan's oldest daughter and business manager is Bailey  Dan and Bailey both agree that there is a very different dynamic when you are in business and related.  Bailey and Dan will say things to each other that you can't do in the cooperate world, but let an outsider do that to one of them; well, that outsider is on their own.

Top Five things that Dan and Mike have heard Bailey say to them...

     5.  "Do either of you know how to use spell check?"

     4.  "Dad we get money from Venmo, not Verlo.  That is a mattress company."

     3.  "Where is your off button?"

     2.  "Sometimes you are so annoying that you could make a happy meal cry."

     1.  "You seriously need a speed bump between your brain and your mouth."

Dan and Bailey wouldn't have it any other way

Bailey loves to hang out with friends, her brand new chicken flock and binging on the latest TV Series.  She has a significant other in John and a son 

Bailey John and third.jpg
Keira Boards.jpg


Dan's youngest Daughter is Keira,  She loves creating things in the studio.  Here is her helping us with the cutting boards and helping on a replica antique six board chest.  She does a great job turning a few pens for herself.

Now if we could just get her to clean the studio.....

Dan's Family

I remember a quote that my Dad said is "Do not give your family everything they want, give them what they need"  One thing everyone should know is basic Carpentry skills.  So during COVID I set out to do some different skills that they should have.  This is our first set of cutting boards together.  Keira's is hanging on her wall in the bedroom and she can name all of the wood she used in it.  Sara is so impressed with hers that I am not allowed to use it in the kitchen and I gave my charcuterie board to my oldest son for Christmas.


The other piece of advice that my Dad gave me was "It is better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Why did he tell me this often?

Family Boards.jpg

Allie the Wonder Dog

Allie Helmet.jpg
Allie Face.jpg
Allie Dress.jpg

Our mascot.  Allie is the chief thief of treats, bubble and slobber maker, and sniffer of all things that should not be sniffed.

Now if we could get her to clean the studio.....

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