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How to feed a Cutting Board

When I sell a food board one of the last things that i do is feed it one more time. And then I tell the new owners how to feed their board.

"Wait... What... Feed my board?" I get that a lot

Yes. It doesn't matter if it is a cheese cutter all the way up to a butchers block table you must feed your board. Wood is a living thing and expands and contracts with the seasons. The grains in a piece of wood are like straws and you must refill the straws to ensure that your wooden piece becomes an heirloom

First what should you use? There is plenty of products on the markets and you can find them at any big box store. Just look at the ingredients. All cutting board is made of wax and mineral oil. The one I personally use is just wax, mineral oil and orange oil in it. Is it any better than the rest? I dont know, but my house smells like a citrus factory after I do a large batch.

Here is the old adage when you are making a board. "Once it is completed you feed it once a day for a week, once a week for a month and once a month for a year. Then yearly after that"

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